Floor Plan


We also offer a floor plan drawing service, and they work really well because:

Buyers love them – in fact, 93% of buyers say they are more likely to spend time looking at a property with a floor plan – Including a floor plan in the marketing mix has been proven to reduce time on market by up to 50%

It makes a property seem larger, because buyers can see the whole property at once instead of spread across different photos.

Buyers see the plans online so they start to arrange their furniture in the rooms and build an emotional attachment to the home, even before they’ve spoken to you.

This all means that you’ll get the best qualified buyers approaching you about the home, so you’re not wasting your time with people who were never going to buy the house because the layout wasn’t right for them. So that means you’re able to work smarter, not harder. We know that home buyers love to see floorplans online or on a brochure. Give us a call if you have any question 07463008001

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